August 23, 2009

Man What a Week!

What a week, what a week! I’m talking about last week from August 10th – 16th. At the 9-5 there was a lot going on. We was upgrading all the PCs to I.E. 7 and this had to be manually done by me. Our Project Manager allotted me some weeks to do it, but I’m proud to say I knocked that out in 2 days. I stayed at work till 11pm each night but got it done. Then there was some other projects I had to do, so again I was at work on Wednesday till 11pm.

On Wednesday that was a good night, as after I got off work, I headed to the Apple store and picked up 13″ Macbook Pro. By time I got home though, I barely unwrapped it as after the last 3 days I was dumb tired. But hey I figured I’d play with it during some down time or on lunch the next day at work. This wasn’t the case as we got hit with a virus and the rest of the week, going into the weekend I was dealing with that.

We finally wrapped that going into the next week Monday and I got in a couple seconds here and there to kind of get the Mac set up and copied my files over to it. While I’m still not 100% set up on it (still some software here and there I need) I’ve been using it as my primary machine since maybe Saturday. I’m happy with the purchase as this will definitely help me with my business. Since having it I already banged out 4 video clips easy on it via iMovie. It is much easier than when I did it on my Windows machine.

Things are back to normal now at the 9-5 and I’ve gotten use to using the Mac, but man what a week that was!

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