If You Write About It, It Will Come

IMG01316-20090923-2201 Of course this is a play on that classic line from “Field of Dreams” where they say “If you build it, he will come”, but the concept is very true here. If you didn’t already know this about me, then let me repeat, I’m a gadget head. I have always loved electronics and now all things digital. If you told me back when I was in high school that I would one day own a digital magazine and by just writing about products, I would have access to all kinds of cool gadgets I would have not believed you.

I mean to think back then, that by simply writing about the products I liked, loved, and lusted after, would mean I would get them from their makers sounds crazy. But this is exactly what I’m doing right now. Now I do make that seem easier than it is, but to me this is easy. It does take time, and you can’t give up on it.

This October G Style Magazine turns four. Four years of researching, photographing, and writing about consumer electronics. Four years of constantly sending emails to these companies directly and to their PR reps. Four years of calling them and repeating the same story about what G Style Magazine was, why we existed, and why they should let us review their products. It was not a easy road, but four years later, I’m still writing, G Style Magazine is still here, and now I’m not alone.

It started with just me, I wrote everything, edited the HTML files (our old format), made the calls, sent the emails, shook the hands. Now I still do a lot of that, but now it is 9 of us! Fellow gadget heads that saw what I was doing and wanted to be apart of it. I thank them very much for that! And this year we celebrate our 4th year in operation.

Some think money is the only measure of success and might be quick to ask, how much money you make off it. But if the value is only measured in money, you miss the bigger picture. G Style went from one person in staff to nine. We started off with only 500 people who visited on a good month to now 25,000+. We went from having companies give us that “we’ll put you on the waiting list” line for product review units, to “sure I would love to send you out a review unit!” These are measures of success! And yea as a gadget head, almost unlimited products to play with, some to keep, and etc is success!

If you build it, they will come. This couldn’t be more truer. I built G Style Magazine 4 years ago and it is still here today. Next year will be the first year that we attend CES, which is the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest electronic show ever, and I can’t wait! Here’s to another 4 years and more!


  1. bellzie says:

    congrats =]

  2. bellzie says:

    congrats =]