October 18, 2009

What Happened to the 3G Speed?

Ok I don’t know maybe it is just me. When I’ve had an EDGE signal Blackberry since back with the Curve 8700. When I brought the Blackberry Bold a year ago, it was my first intro to 3G speed. Going from EDGE to 3G was pure bliss, surfing the web, instant data transfers, it was mobile heaven!

Now here I am a year from now and again maybe it is me, but 3G just does seem fast anymore. It isn’t like I have a 4G device that is making 3G seem slow. Somehow I feel as if my 3G has just gotten slower than a year ago, is that even possible? I might need to get some comments on this to see if other people with 3G feel the same way or maybe it is just me. Maybe my appetite for data speed has increase so 3G isn’t cutting it anymore.

Now if I get on WiFi with my Blackberry Bold, it does seem speedier, but we need widespread WiFi finally all over and all our phones just need to be on WiFi. I’m curious has AT&T some how reduced the “3G” speed I use to get when I first got the Bold? Or maybe there are a lot more 3G devices sharing the space which is reducing my speed? Either way maybe I am crazy or maybe something is up and has changed from a year ago. This still begs the question, what happened to the 3G speed?

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