November 8, 2009

Sights Locked on The Blackberry 9700

So this week I had the pleasure of playing with the new Blackberry Bold 9700, otherwise known as the Bold 2. It is a great phone and I wish I didn’t have to give it away. You see it is the T-Mobile version, and I use AT&T. So one of my other G Style writer will be getting.

The 9700 improves on the Bold in almost every way. More memory, better camera, better OS, and style. If you know me, you know the style aspect is especially important. While I’ll let you read the review of it on G Style Magazine – (, I will say this is a great phone. I already have gotten use to the smaller device, especially the screen and keyboard.

When this comes out for AT&T (which I hope is this month), I will definitely be copping it. I already have a buyer for my original Bold (I’m the Jeff Lewis of mobile phones! The new Bold 2 is my Valley Oak lol), so I be able to get the Bold 2 at a very obscenely cheap price! I can’t wait!

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