January 18, 2010

Catching Up…

Wow, the last time I had a post on here was back in November! I completely blame the WordPress for Blackberry app, which doesn’t seem to want to work with my Bold 9700! So much has gone on of course since then and I would of blogged from my phone isn’t it wasn’t for the app not working. If anyone know what the deal with that is, let me know!

While I will be doing post today, while I have some free time, I thought I recap some. Let’s see stuff that has passed. First I celebrated two 4 year old anniversary this year. One being the 4th year me and my fiance have been together! Second being the 4th year of operation for G Style Magazine! So proud of both of those, and can’t wait for 4 more years and beyond!

More recently myself, and G Style Magazine attended the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the first time ever this year (the picture above is at some 30,000+ feet in the air on my way to CES). Held in Las Vegas, also a first time for me ever being there, CES was a fun but tiring experience. Got to see some many gadgets, meeting PR people I’ve only talked to via email, and met some cool peers who I’ve talked to via Twitter. So I’ll be posting some blogs up shortly, but want to briefly catch you guys up on what has been up with me. The WordPress app still isn’t working, but hopefully soon.

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