First Time At CES!

Now this isn’t too old as I got back just last week. This year was the first year I attended CES in Las Vegas. This is a convention that is held every year. This is one time where tons of press, companies, and various vendors all converge on one area to mingle and show off their latest tech. I attended for the first time with my partner Kyle under the G Style Magazine banner. It was a great time had, a tiring experience, but it was a good tired!

I arrived on January 6th a day before as I thought it might make sense to get our game plan set up before we attacked the show. Just the first day was crazy as we got lost trying to find the press area where we needed to pick up our press badge. We ended up walking all over the Las Vegas Convention Center, in area we don’t think we was suppose to be in to the back lot where the truck dropped off the materials. All this, only to realize that we had walked right back the location we needed to go. That itself was a adventure before the show even started lol.

During the entire show, there was tons to see, and sooooo much walking. People kept assuming that when they heard myself and Kyle were going to Vegas, that we would be partying every night, but that just didn’t happen lol. With all the walking about, and seeing the stuff, each night we was so tired, we both ended up just falling asleep. We even took naps during the day when we returned to our hotel to drop off stuff. Out of 6 nights there, we only managed to do something on 2 of those night and just barely at that!

Besides checking out all the cool gadgets, I got to meet some good people in person. Some of those included Nan Palmero, Jenae, Levar Burton, and a few others. It was cool getting to meet some of my peers int he industry that I talked to via Twitter. I must say Nan is a funny dude man! From cracking me up the It Won’t Stay in Vegas party, to jumping out the back of a Van to make the Blackberry party at the Hard Rock Cafe I think it was, Nan definitely keeps it fresh! lol

All in all, attending CES was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again next year. It was a definite good look for us at G Style Magazine to get our name our there and presence known to a wider set of people! Can’t wait for CES 2011.

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