The Latest G Style Magazine Theme

Anyone who really knows me, knows I have a passion for Blackberry devices! So just like last year, this year I was lucky enough to release another G Style Magazine branded Blackberry theme. Last year the good guys over at hooked me and G Style Magazine up with our first ever Blackberry theme which I called Generation One. At the time I was using the Blackberry Curve 8310 and I loved that theme! Now that I think about it now, it is funny that after we released that theme in October, the next month I copped the Blackberry Bold & couldn’t use it anymore lol.

But what a difference a year can make! Went from the Curve 8310, to the Blackberry Bold, and now I have the Blackberry Bold 9700! Also since then a whole new generation of Blackberry models have come up. You have the Bold 9700, the Tour, Storm 2, Curve 8900/8500. So it was time to do a new theme for this next generation of Blackberry devices. This time I talked to Tony of who was new to the scene and had a very fresh style that I liked. I provided him with the logo font and said give your spin on a G Style theme and he definitely hooked it up! Big shout out to Tony!

I wonder if I should try and make this a yearly thing, like each year refresh the theme for the new generation of Blackberry device! I think I like that idea. For now I’m totally loving this theme on my Blackberry 9700! If you want it, check out now!

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