July 12, 2010

When Customer Services Goes Wrong! lol

So I was curious in the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Hot Spot device for maybe CES 2011. I was about to go to a store to ask some questions for it when the little chat live agent window popped up. I just wanted to ask a simple question of do they have month to month plans for it like Verizon Wireless does for their MiFi device. Instead I got this….

James: Hi! I’m a live Sprint product specialist. Are there any questions I may help answer for you today?
You: Yes. I have a question about your Overdrive 3g/4g mobile hotspot device
James: Sure, what questions can I answer for you?
You: Can you use it on a month to month plan?
You: And if so, how much would the device be to purchase it
James: I would be happy to help you with overdrive information.
James: Let’s move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will be out of the way and I can stay with you in case you have any questions or any concerns. Just click on the “Yes” button below and we can continue.
You: Hello?
James: Thank you for moving the chat.
James: Just to check, are you currently a Sprint customer?
You: No
James: Thank you for your interest in Sprint.
James: I would like to inform you that you need to sign two year contract..
You: No there would be no month to month option like Verizon Wireless has?
You: I meant *so there would be no month….
James: Our data plans include unlimited GPS, whereas AT&T and Verizon charge an additional fee every month.
James: We’re faster in more places than T-Mobile. That’s faster in download and upload speeds and we have stronger signal strength in over 100 markets.
James: We’re also the first to launch a 4G data network in the USA.
You: Ok. Thank you for the information. Thank you for your help in this matter.
James: All our wireless broadband devices connect to the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network. They also remotely access the Internet, as well as audio, video and data applications, at DSL-like speeds.
You: I’m done for today. Thank you for all of your help.
James: When coupled with a data plan, Sprint’s broadband devices make it easy to connect to the Internet. All you need to do is pull out your laptop, plug the card in, connect and you’re ready to go! You’ll even have instant internet access as you travel across the states!
James: The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network is the nation’s fastest and largest wireless data network. It covers more than 164 million people!


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