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So recently I have been writing content weekly for as apart of a new weekly series they called “GStyled“. This came about out of a partnership to bring the flavor we have at G Style Magazine to Laptop Mag.

It begin back at CES 2010 (so glad I went thinking back) at the It Won’t Stay In Vegas party. I met a bunch of people there including K T from Laptop Mag. Everyone exchanged cards and then went our separate ways. Following all of those meetings, I took it upon myself to send everyone a little email, just express how it was great to meet them and all. This sparked the process that has resulted in this partnership that we have now.

This is a big deal for me as I’m a fan of Laptop Magazine and used to always read their printed magazine on the regular, since I was 17. Back then I would of never thought I’d be writing for them, let alone doing so in a deal with something of my own creation. Also truth be told in the very earlier days of G Style Magazine before we went to the WordPress format, Laptop Magazine was one of my research materials for cool stuff to talk about. So each week I stop by the Laptop Magazine office, where they show me all these cool (sometimes ugly) Laptops, Mobile phone, and other gadgetry. Then I write an article giving my “GStyled” opinion on these products.

I’ve seen some very cool things since we started on this and they for whatever reason still like what I do, cause they keep having me come back lol. Shout out to Avram who loves my Laptop book bag by BUILT NY lol.

One of my goals for this year is to extend the reach of G Style Magazine and spread our brand awareness. We’ve had a ton of growth since last year and we definitely have great content. I know we have a great concept as it has been told to me by whoever I tell what G Style is about too. So the goal is to get our name out there more through partnerships and cross promotion with other very cool sites. Laptop Magazine was the beginning and I can’t wait to work with more people! So when you get a chance, support Laptop Magazine, support G Style Magazine, and check out my column called GStyled on their site.

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