G Style Magazine Pride

So I just got the custom speaker tags for the Astro Gaming A30 headphones that I reviewed over at G Style Magazine. These speaker tags has the G Style logo on then and they go while with the white headphones.

I just logo my G Style logo and love being able to brand products I use with the logo. As you can see from the picture, I have a custom G Style Magazine Blackberry theme made by Tony of Cockyculture.com and I love that theme! I literally haven’t stopped using it since I installed it. If you know me well, you know I love changing my themes, but I can’t bring myself to leave this one!

Now with the G Style logo on these speaker tags, I can promote G Style Magazine when I’m on the go, since these headphones have become my main pair of headphones. You see in my last IT job I worked for an Advertising Agency, so I picked up a couple skills when it comes to marketing and branding. So I always applied what I learned from the people there to G Style

So if your in New York City and see a guy rocking the headphones you see above, that is probably me. Stop by and say hi!

March 20, 2010