Playing with the Droid

So Motorola’s PR people finally sent us at G Style Magazine Droid to review. First off this phone has the best screen I’ve seen on a device. Everything looks great! But on the other hand I hate the keyboard on this thing! I actually do better typing on the virtual keyboard than the physical one. And if you know me, you know I like physical keyboards over touchscreen ones. The Android 2.0 software is pretty good and I could get use to using a Android device. Once AT&T comes out with theirs, depending on which is the phone thye come out with, I’ll get one to play around with.

For the feel of it, I don’t like the hardware too much, doesn’t fit in my hand as comfortable as say my Bold 9700, but it might be ok for some. Me I wouldn’t pay a Droid. So I can’t wait to see what hardware is next for the Android platform.

February 12, 2010