New Theme Poppin!

Yep yep, I had to put in a new theme. With my boy Chuck Holliday blowing it up over there at Made Nation, VerseVille was looking a little bootleg. Now while this to me still isn’t on the level of a Made Nation, I’m working on it. I’m feeling the color scheme, and with the new columns I can add some stuff. I’ll have some random pictures, and videos up shortly.

Just to rehash, this is a blog about exactly what the title say “My Versatile Life”. As the header sums up, I’m have my hands in a lot of thing and this will keep you up to date with them all. And yes I know I haven’t been fully working on here, but I will soon enough. I may have found a way to do it from my Blackberry. And if that is so, I’ll blog more often. Stay tuned!

March 28, 2008