G Style Magazine: Reflecting on 2013, As I Look At 2014…

ReppingVerse 2013 is wrapping up and as I look at 2014 down the block, one must reflect on the year. Specifically with G Style Magazine. Being Editor in Chief is definitely a fun and rewarding task. I’ve recruited, guided, was impressed by, critiqued, and ultimately blessed with a great group of people. Watched them do some amazing things and got to watch their talents grow.

It is a fun task, but isn’t always a easy one. I’ve been an mouthpiece, peace maker, voice of reason, babysitter, nagger lol, and Zen/calmer all at some point. There has been stressful days, and shoot days I’ve been like argh is it worth it. But I’ve learned over the years, you need to be all those things. Sometimes fun, laid back, other times stern and strict, other times still soft/flexible/compassionate/understanding/compromising. Juggling all of those is definitely a balancing act. I’ve slipped and fell off the wire handing by only a finger, other times I could do flips off that wire and balance back perfectly. It’s trail and error, constantly learning, but always pushing forward.

As I look back at 2013, sure there are some things to improve on, but I wouldn’t change a thing. And is it worth it, I still think so and I’ll continue to walk toward that end of block into 2014 and beyond.

To the team: Samuel Huang, Tej Jordan, Jason Million, Ana Lie, Malcolm A. Batten, Jonathan Baez, Mike Bitter: You guys are rock stars, G Style breeds them like Spartans only breed warriors! You guys continually impress me and you are part of my family! I’m proud to stand next to you guys and confident to be in the background as you play front and center with this brand. The brighter you guys shine, the more I’m comfortable being in the cut! You have done an excellent job and though I’m sometimes quieter than I need to be, I notice and watch everything. All praise to you guys is warranted (and I’ll be more vocal about it into 2014 lol). G Style is greater with you guys apart of it!

To my partner/co-owner/brother/friend Chuck Holliday: Man 8 years and running! Though I don’t call on you often with this G Style thing, you are always there and available when I need to talk about something related to it or a situation where I need to bounce an big idea or issue facing it. Always there with great advice, different outlook or just a confirmation that what I’m thinking may or may not be correct. You flex that 0.0001529 percent when needed lol and most notably now with the new design look of the site. Appreciate the advice, support, and help as we continue to grow this thing!

And to the misses Sheniqua Nina Fleming:
Thanks for the support and patience. You put up with the after work shows, press events, meetings, trips (that you don’t always get to go to), and the people who probably harass you thinking you know about this Tech stuff because I do lolol. But you handle i with patience, understanding, and calm….as long as I bring you back something 😛 Appreciate the support as I grow this entity.

Here’s to all that 2013 was! And now to 2014!

December 27, 2013

If You Write It, They Will Come

Man who knew the experience I would gain when I started G Style Magazine back in 2005. No one told me that just writing about the gadgets I like or wish I had would ultimately earn me the perk of having these same gadgets sent to me to keep or used for a period of time. That wasn’t the goal when I set out to talk about a topic I’m fond of. I just simply want to talk about my passion, and share any knowledge I had with anyone who wanted to listen. There wasn’t even a real way for me to know if people was listening/reading. Just an open journal of sorts.

Who knew later this writing would get a official term called Blogging, and that it would become a big deal. Who knew that as I wrote, people would listen and read, and enjoy what I talked about. Who knew companies who visit my little old site and determine I was influential enough to want to send me their products, so I’d talk about it and others would know about it.

But that is indeed what happened. I wrote about gadgets I liked and people listen. Companies took notice and thought I was influential. Other people saw what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it, now there are 13 of us, and we have our own site G Style Magazine. I no longer see products and wish I could have them or play with them for a little while, I can call/email up the companies and have them sent over. I never sugar coat anything either. If your products sucks, best believe I’m going to say so.

So for the last 6 years I’ve have been reviewing all the products that I thought were stylish, trendy, and fashionable. I have been happy with this, but G Style always was and will continue to be a movement. We’re more than just consumer electronic, we tech yes, but tech has an ever evolving definition. So finally this month G Style Magazine has reached a new level. No longer do we just cover consumer electronics, but this month G Style will covered for the first time some consumer vehicles. Yes I was actually sent a Lincoln MKS and MKX to drive this month, to test out and review the sound system in the vehicles. This is truly a first for us here, so I’m making it a big deal. I’ve received a lot of products over the years, some on loan for 2 weeks to a month, but never I have taken possession of a vehicle for a few days. This right here is #Winning! Yes little old me, and my little old site were deemed influential enough for Lincoln to send us a car to use in hopes that we would talk about their vehicle. I think I’m going to expand on that now and see what other vehicles we can review. Because while G Style started off as completely consumer electronics, there are plenty of other types of tech that have style and fashion qualities. A car definitely being one of them.

So I bet you might be wondering how my experience with the car was, or how was the sound system. Well for that information, be sure to check out G Style Magazine for our first ever vehicle review!

November 21, 2011

Check Me out in Laptop Magazine

So recently I have been writing content weekly for Laptopmag.com as apart of a new weekly series they called “GStyled“. This came about out of a partnership to bring the flavor we have at G Style Magazine to Laptop Mag.

It begin back at CES 2010 (so glad I went thinking back) at the It Won’t Stay In Vegas party. I met a bunch of people there including K T from Laptop Mag. Everyone exchanged cards and then went our separate ways. Following all of those meetings, I took it upon myself to send everyone a little email, just express how it was great to meet them and all. This sparked the process that has resulted in this partnership that we have now.

July 30, 2010