One Year To 30

Wow self reflection is a hell of a thing, ain’t it. Today is April 5th and today I turn 29 years of age. 29 years of my life has gone by. Seems like only yesterday I was a freshmen in High School and turning 30 was this so far off future that it seemed unimaginable. But 29 today, you know they say or use to say that when you hit 30 you was over the hill or that life was over. Boy has time changed lol, not 30 is the new 20 so really I’m one year to 20 lol.

When you was 14, did you think or know where you’d be when you was one year to 30? When I was young, I remember thinking I was going to be a Truck Driver lol. Still want to drive one , if only to know what it would be like. At age 16/17 the internet changed everything. Ah the internet, back then this World Wide Web, that no one knew what it was or could be. I’ve been on the net since 97 when my family got it’s first "family computer". I took over it and though they used it, it was really mine lol. I’ve learned so much from it, and about it. Now look where the internet is today.

The dreams to be a Truck Driver faded and I got into electronics, I was going to be a electrician, until the internet. I got so much into computers, that I went to college for it. Which leads me to today. Where am I, did I envision this back at 14. Did I see that my 9-5 I would be an I.T. Technician for a living and on the side I would own and run 2 digital magazines that were doing well and growing? Did I know I would have a fairly successful Web Design & Hosting company? Or did I know I would be engaged & have a 2 year daughter? Not at all, but then how could any 14 year old see that then.

One year to 30, am I content with where I’m at? Not so much, I would love to devote my time to G Style and my Web business to see where it would take me, but can’t due to a greater need to be responsible. Maybe before I could of took that risk, but not now as I have more who depend on me now. Do I regret it? Nah I have a beautiful fiance and a lovely daughter. Did I see that at 14? Again how could I, lol I actually always thought I would have a son to keep my family name going lol but love my little girl explicitly!….Wow self reflection is a hell of a thing, ain’t it.

April 5, 2009