Time to Get Fit Again

It’s time to hit the gym again! Bout 2, 3 years old I use to stay in the gym, going about 3 times a week. Then life changed, I got lazy, then became a father, and all time just disappeared.

For awhile now I kept saying I would get around to going back but never did. I knew I wasn’t going to a gym in Manhattan where I worked, as every gym there was like 70-80 a month. The gym I use to go to, was very far from where I lived now, but I was even going to try that and then stopped. This time I caught wind of a deal Planet Fitness was having, $1 dollar to start and $10 dollars a month. I could work with that, plus they had a location that wasn’t exactly close to be, but I could get to it easy coming off from work.

So now it is back to the gym, but that also mean saying goodby to eating “unhealthy” food as much as I am currently. I say as much, cause I don’t think I will give it up completely lol, but just not as much as now. October 1st is when I was going to start. So I joined Planet Fitness today and my first official visit will probably be this Wednesday. Let’s see where my level will be by CES 2010 (January).

October 3, 2009