If You Write It, They Will Come

Man who knew the experience I would gain when I started G Style Magazine back in 2005. No one told me that just writing about the gadgets I like or wish I had would ultimately earn me the perk of having these same gadgets sent to me to keep or used for a period of time. That wasn’t the goal when I set out to talk about a topic I’m fond of. I just simply want to talk about my passion, and share any knowledge I had with anyone who wanted to listen. There wasn’t even a real way for me to know if people was listening/reading. Just an open journal of sorts.

Who knew later this writing would get a official term called Blogging, and that it would become a big deal. Who knew that as I wrote, people would listen and read, and enjoy what I talked about. Who knew companies who visit my little old site and determine I was influential enough to want to send me their products, so I’d talk about it and others would know about it.

But that is indeed what happened. I wrote about gadgets I liked and people listen. Companies took notice and thought I was influential. Other people saw what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it, now there are 13 of us, and we have our own site G Style Magazine. I no longer see products and wish I could have them or play with them for a little while, I can call/email up the companies and have them sent over. I never sugar coat anything either. If your products sucks, best believe I’m going to say so.

So for the last 6 years I’ve have been reviewing all the products that I thought were stylish, trendy, and fashionable. I have been happy with this, but G Style always was and will continue to be a movement. We’re more than just consumer electronic, we tech yes, but tech has an ever evolving definition. So finally this month G Style Magazine has reached a new level. No longer do we just cover consumer electronics, but this month G Style will covered for the first time some consumer vehicles. Yes I was actually sent a Lincoln MKS and MKX to drive this month, to test out and review the sound system in the vehicles. This is truly a first for us here, so I’m making it a big deal. I’ve received a lot of products over the years, some on loan for 2 weeks to a month, but never I have taken possession of a vehicle for a few days. This right here is #Winning! Yes little old me, and my little old site were deemed influential enough for Lincoln to send us a car to use in hopes that we would talk about their vehicle. I think I’m going to expand on that now and see what other vehicles we can review. Because while G Style started off as completely consumer electronics, there are plenty of other types of tech that have style and fashion qualities. A car definitely being one of them.

So I bet you might be wondering how my experience with the car was, or how was the sound system. Well for that information, be sure to check out G Style Magazine for our first ever vehicle review!

November 21, 2011