The Pre 30 Life Crisis

So this weekend I did something radical to my hair. Well it may not seem radical to you as the haircut has been out for some time now. But for me who has been rocking the light Caesar for like forever this was radical. I got myself a Mohawk!

I have only did something different with my hair twice, this being the second time. Now I kid when I say I’m having a pre 30 life crisis, but then again maybe that is what prompted me to do. I’ve seen the Mohawk on a few people and I’ve never had any desire to get one. So I can’t any say what brought on the curiosity to try it I asked the misses if she could see me in a Mohawk and she said nah. I also asked some co-workers and they was like nah too.

Well Saturday after the gym I stopped by my barber. I was going to get my normal Caesar, but asked him if he could see me in a Mohawk. He said let’s try it, if you don’t like it, I can just shave it off. So there you have it. I liked it and kept it. Let’s call this my Starbucks look upgraded, version 2.0 lol.

I do think it goes good with my whole nerd/geek/G Style look lol

March 22, 2010