G Style Magazine Apart of Viigo NY

viigony So if you know me, you know I swear by the Viigo application for my Blackberry. Well at the same time as this being the application of all application on my BB, it is also home to a official G Style Magazine channel in it’s channel library. Now Viigo has launch a New York version of it’s software.

The New York version is basically a branded version of Viigo but this one is tailored to New York content. So we’re talking RSS feeds from the New York times, New York relate weather and sports (Knicks, Yankees, Mets), and entertainment. In the Entertainment area is where you’ll find G Style Magazine, we are in the entertainment news area. So now every time someone downloads and installed the New York version of Viigo, G Style Magazine loads with the application. So if your a G Style Magazine fan, you can get your G Style fix on the go with this version.

Now if you aren’t sure what Viigo is (and if you have a Blackberry you have no excuse, you should know this!), Viigo is a mobile RSS reader for the Blackberry and Windows Mobile. It is thee best app for Blackberry and it even held the crown of Top Download from the recently launch Blackberry App World. It allows you to follow websites, and blogs without having to be at the PC. No need to keep checking your favorite site for new content, when they put something new up, it will come right to you via Viigo. This application is great and it is FREE.

So yea come check out G Style Magazine and Viigo, by downloading it from http://www.getviigo.com/ny

April 21, 2009