Wish I could drive to Work

So some of you know that I became of member of Zipcar.com recently. I’ve know about them since they first came out, but before they mainly has a lot of car in Cali. But now that they have a lot more cars in New York, I signed up and gave them a try. The concept is simple enough, you can rent a car for the day or just for a couple hours if you need it. The rental comes with gas so your don’t have to warning about that and insurance.

So how does this relate to I wish I could drive to work. Well a week or so ago, I worked very late at work. Now if I work pass 9pm, they pay for my car ride home. Well Zipcar has this offer that if you rent a car any between 6pm and 8:30 it is only $39 plus tax, which was actually cheaper than the cab. So I use them to drive myself home on those days. And there is something about driving myself home and back to work that was relaxing. Though there was plenty of traffic on the FDR, there was something cool about listening to music and just driving. Maybe that is because I enjoy driving, but I liked it!

Now the only thing that would be good if I had a car and had to drive myself to work, would be the parking. You aren’t going to fine any spots in midtown, and garage prices would seriously stack up. Then you have to consider the cost of gas, which is always in flux. That being said, living in New York City, it would be practical to drive a car to and from work (at least from the Bronx to Manhattan) in my situation. But if I’d lived some where else, they yes I would enjoy that!

June 16, 2009