G Style Magazine: Reflecting on 2013, As I Look At 2014…

ReppingVerse 2013 is wrapping up and as I look at 2014 down the block, one must reflect on the year. Specifically with G Style Magazine. Being Editor in Chief is definitely a fun and rewarding task. I’ve recruited, guided, was impressed by, critiqued, and ultimately blessed with a great group of people. Watched them do some amazing things and got to watch their talents grow.

It is a fun task, but isn’t always a easy one. I’ve been an mouthpiece, peace maker, voice of reason, babysitter, nagger lol, and Zen/calmer all at some point. There has been stressful days, and shoot days I’ve been like argh is it worth it. But I’ve learned over the years, you need to be all those things. Sometimes fun, laid back, other times stern and strict, other times still soft/flexible/compassionate/understanding/compromising. Juggling all of those is definitely a balancing act. I’ve slipped and fell off the wire handing by only a finger, other times I could do flips off that wire and balance back perfectly. It’s trail and error, constantly learning, but always pushing forward.

As I look back at 2013, sure there are some things to improve on, but I wouldn’t change a thing. And is it worth it, I still think so and I’ll continue to walk toward that end of block into 2014 and beyond.

To the team: Samuel Huang, Tej Jordan, Jason Million, Ana Lie, Malcolm A. Batten, Jonathan Baez, Mike Bitter: You guys are rock stars, G Style breeds them like Spartans only breed warriors! You guys continually impress me and you are part of my family! I’m proud to stand next to you guys and confident to be in the background as you play front and center with this brand. The brighter you guys shine, the more I’m comfortable being in the cut! You have done an excellent job and though I’m sometimes quieter than I need to be, I notice and watch everything. All praise to you guys is warranted (and I’ll be more vocal about it into 2014 lol). G Style is greater with you guys apart of it!

To my partner/co-owner/brother/friend Chuck Holliday: Man 8 years and running! Though I don’t call on you often with this G Style thing, you are always there and available when I need to talk about something related to it or a situation where I need to bounce an big idea or issue facing it. Always there with great advice, different outlook or just a confirmation that what I’m thinking may or may not be correct. You flex that 0.0001529 percent when needed lol and most notably now with the new design look of the site. Appreciate the advice, support, and help as we continue to grow this thing!

And to the misses Sheniqua Nina Fleming:
Thanks for the support and patience. You put up with the after work shows, press events, meetings, trips (that you don’t always get to go to), and the people who probably harass you thinking you know about this Tech stuff because I do lolol. But you handle i with patience, understanding, and calm….as long as I bring you back something 😛 Appreciate the support as I grow this entity.

Here’s to all that 2013 was! And now to 2014!

December 27, 2013

On My Fruit & Oatmeal Kick

Lately I’ve been on an trying to get back into my healthy eating and exercise routine. I haven’t workout again yet but have started with breakfast. I normally would go to McDonald’s and get a Egg McMuffin and orange juice. It even two of them. But recently I tried this new Fruit and Maple oatmeal that started offering.

I must say it quite good. The small cut pieces of apple took some getting use to, but overall it was good. Now a two dollars I could probably just buy my own oatmeal but this is a phased back to that. Now my morning breakfast consists of the Fruit & Oatmeal from McDonald’s and orange juice from the Snack shop in my work building. Not a bad way to start the day.

March 19, 2011

A Google Navigation Beta Roadtrip

So last week I was on vacation and I took the family to Virginia Beach. Since I would be taking a route I wasn’t familiar with, I decided to load up Google Navigation Beta on my Samsung Captivate. Before that though I had to find some kind of holder to hold the Captivate in the Dashboard. Not a easy task as the only real places I could get one was online. With shipping it wouldn’t get here in time, so I found a universal hold & made due with that.

I must say I was quite impressed with Google Navi Beta and my Samsung Captivate. On the Samsung end, there has been quite a lot of talk about GPS issues on the Captivate and Vibrant. Mines got a GPS lock and for like 95% of the time I had no issue getting a GPS lock.

Google Navigation was flawless whenever I had a GPS lock. Turn by turn directions was right on point, rerouting accurate, and I love when I could check the traffic view. This especially came in handy on the way back to NYC. We hit a bump in traffic in Philly and I was able to see how long it would last.

Also like how it would turn the map from light to dark based about the time, and the information of how long we was from our destination. I would definitely be using this from now on as my main car GPS device!

September 11, 2010