August 29, 2006

Is there any Hope for the Involved Father?

So as I stated I’m going to a father come March 2007. I’m so excited about becoming a father, so I’ve been reading anything I can get my hand on about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and fatherhood. The interesting thing I’ve been seeing is it seems as if society plays down the role of the father. Most times when you think of children and parenting, mothers are at the forefront. Yes some men out there, give the rest of us bad names and don’t do what they should, but is society’s view of males in the role of parenting jaded?Take just the about of book that involve fathers in the process. You can ask my girlfriend, I’m right much involved in the process of our child. I know as much, if not more than she does when it comes to pregnancy, what she should be eating during, the childbirth and labor. I can’t help it, the process of the creation, development, and growth of my child to be is exciting to me. But am I weird in having the want to be so involved. Ask my girl and she’ll tell you I read everything, if it has anything to do with babies, childbirth, fatherhood, I’m reading it. I have Googled like no tomorrow. I have researched everything topic that pops in my head about the subject. I have even brought two book so far; The Guy’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the first year of fatherhood (Save your money on this one), and The Expectant Father (I highly recommend this one). Let’s also count the books that have been given to me by friends including Johnson’s Mother & Baby, and Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth by Dr. Miriam Stoppard. I’m so serious when I say I read everything.

However I’ve notice in my reading, is that most books and resources are geared towards women and mothers to be. Most books will have 300 pages of information for mothers, and then just have a small section”about the father”. A lot of books don’t really focus on what goes on inside a father to be’s head, his emotion, feelings, and thoughts. I continue to look for and seek out books that include the father. Think about it, even some of the popular childhood bedtime stories don’t mention fathers. Turn on your T.V. and look at some of the commercials and you’ll see how the role of the father is downplayed or made to seem like only mothers are geared for parenting. Think about some of the famous commercials; KIX…”Kids test, Mother approved”, Robitussin and the mention of “Dr. Mom”. Where are the fathers in these situation, society stereotype men are not able to handle children and whatnot. I’m offended by that. I plan to take an active role in the raising of my child, I want to be involved as much as I can. I know there has to be more men like me. Keep checking here, are the months lead up to the birth of my child and after , I will be blogging here with my thoughts, feelings, tips, in hopes that this can help those fathers out there who want to be involved.

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