Time to Get Fit Again

It’s time to hit the gym again! Bout 2, 3 years old I use to stay in the gym, going about 3 times a week. Then life changed, I got lazy, then became a father, and all time just disappeared.

For awhile now I kept saying I would get around to going back but never did. I knew I wasn’t going to a gym in Manhattan where I worked, as every gym there was like 70-80 a month. The gym I use to go to, was very far from where I lived now, but I was even going to try that and then stopped. This time I caught wind of a deal Planet Fitness was having, $1 dollar to start and $10 dollars a month. I could work with that, plus they had a location that wasn’t exactly close to be, but I could get to it easy coming off from work.

So now it is back to the gym, but that also mean saying goodby to eating “unhealthy” food as much as I am currently. I say as much, cause I don’t think I will give it up completely lol, but just not as much as now. October 1st is when I was going to start. So I joined Planet Fitness today and my first official visit will probably be this Wednesday. Let’s see where my level will be by CES 2010 (January).

October 3, 2009

Like Daddy, Like Daughter

So I managed to snap this picture. I guess I can’t claim Nyla isn’t a spitting reflect of me lol. Laptop on the table, Blackberry in the hand (it’s her moms Blackberry, but a Blackberry is a Blackberry lol). Nyla is in what I would call a standard Jason at work pose. Many a nights I’m in front of my Laptop and checking my Blackberry at the same time.

Look at my little gadget girl go! I’m so proud lol :oP

December 26, 2008

My Little Ruff Ryder

My Little Ruff Ryder

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Nyla sure has her daddy’s adventurous spirit! As if taken from a page in my youthful play book, Nyla like to be all over. She tries climbing her High Chair, this stool we have, and her latest is pulling Ruff Ryder stunts on her first “bike” lol. When I first noticed this, it was the funniest thing. Then it reminded me of myself as I loved climbing on things all the time.

So with this stunting she was doing, you just know I had to catch it by camera. But what was so funny, she was all for it, she would climb on the bike, stand up on it, and then even be like “cheeeese” when I would say it. I even had her putting her arms out like a bird, as she would copy me. My little dare devil! Ruff Ryderssssss! Lol

October 29, 2008