October 7, 2006

The Center Piece of my household

So with the baby coming, me and my girl have decided to move in together. We had talked about it, but never really came back to the topic. However with the baby on the way, we decided to go head and do it. So I was telling my girl, that there are a few items that we have to get for the place. We decide to move into my one bedroom apartment, since I have the lowest rent.

The item you ask, well this will probably be one of the last little tech toys I will get to get before the baby comes. After the baby comes, I don’t see me being able to support my techno habit as much as before. However I must have this T.V. for my living room. This is a Vizio 32inch LCD HDTV. What is hot about this T.V. is that I seen this at a Press Preview for the Digital Life Expo I was invited to back in June. I got to see first hand how sharp and crisp this image looked. Back in June when I talked to the Spokesman this T.V. was a steal at the price it was going for, under $1000. And trust me for the pictures this T.V. has, it should be going for a lot more. Now this T.V. is now even lower in price, so trust I will be getting this as the center piece of my living room!


  1. Chuck says:

    All i can say is LCD TV is a beautiful thing maine, i actually carried mines in my hand like it was an art painting and went to the city with it.

    but the picture like you said, is worth every buck spent into it. after watching the cocaine cowboys bootleg DVD on it, i thought one of the characters was going to come thru the screen and mug me, lol

  2. Jameka says:

    Every time you mention a new gadget I want one…now I want this TV…Do I need another TV, of course not…but I think I am going to have to have this as well…STOP Promoting products Verse:-)

  3. VerSe says:

    Sorry but hey, i only promo the hot stuff and it is a hot TV lol