June 1, 2007

My Lil 4 Month Old

Wow time has passed. Nyla is now 4 months old, and is on her way to 5 months come June 24th.

So where is she? Well the lil miss coos, laughs, smiles, and more when you play with her. I can walk up to her, start smiling, and she will curl her lip into a smirk and start cooing and laughing, it is the funniest thing. Also she finally can sleep through the night without waking up. She may wake up here and there, but generally she will sleep, which is a great thing. Plus she now sleeps more and more in her lil crib without waking up as well. So she is doing great, she is now 10lbs in weight, which is double what she was when she was born, which is what she should be by the 4th month. So forward we go!

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