It All Goes Down Today/Blog by BB via Flickr

Yep, T-Minus 1 week has ended. Today if the day. Some of you may be still wondering “What is he talking about” Well by end of today you shall all find. So definitely stay tuned.

And yes yes finally I can Blog by my Blackberry. I created a post a little while back saying I was testing a system, that would enable me to do so, but that didn’t work well. I tried, only problem whenever I emailed to blog with a picture, it never put the picture in the post. Then there was the annoying that I would email the special address once, and it would end up putting double, triple of the same post. Not cool!

So now I tried Flickr, first test went perfect! I came to Flickr, the same way I got on Facebook lol. They had released a Blackberry app for it lol. So I wanted to test it out, so once I got to the site I learn I could post to my blog by email, excellent! So now I’ll see how this goes. This post if it goes to my blog, I did via Flickr.

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  1. Chuck says:

    damnit, dont rub it in! i guess i’ll somehow make good cup coasters out of my HTC wing and dash soon, lol.