June 10, 2008

The Male Version of the Engagement Ring?

The Male Version of the Engagement Ring?

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So now that I’m engaged, I have to wonder to myself, what about the men? I also ponder awhile back about the baby shower, about it largely being a female oriented event and where was the man version.

We spend tons of money (some will tell you to spend 2 or more months salary for it), and after the whole proposal, while the female gets a shiny new ring to show off to her friends what do the men have to show for it? Do we wave around the receipt? I was talking to a friend and she said men get a “wedding gift” from the female on the wedding day. One I’ve never heard of this, and two we have to wait till the wedding for that. Another person, said we get the wedding band, but that can’t count, as the female gets one as well.

So what do men get out of this deal lol? What do we get to show off to our friends lol? Men drop me some comments on this lol.

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  1. Chuck says:

    The thing we have that we can show off to our friends is the credit card bill, lol. And trust me, we’ll have quite a while longer to show THAT off, haha