July 9, 2008

RIP To A Good Dude!

Man it sucks to have to do one of these, but respect must be paid to a good dude. On Saturday, I was inform that a good friend of mine passed out. While the details of how sketchy, it happened I believe some time that morning. I was actually in Raleigh, NC shooting my cousin’s Wedding and found out while I was waiting for a bus back to New York.

Life is Random, believe me when I tell you this. Q was actually a month older than me, him born in March, me April. When I asked if he was sick lately, I was told he was good, in fact he was just out with her girl the day before. It is truly sad this had to happen. I’ll leave it with this. This is actually a video of the last time we were together, it was a wild day then and it won’t be forgotten! (Makes me wish now that I was able to be there longer if I had knew now, what I didn’t then)

If you are watching the video, he is the man in the Red hat and jacket!

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