February 2, 2009

Father of a Two Year Old

So if you didn’t already know, Nyla turned 2 years old this past January. So Nyla is now a 2 year old, and we might be entering that "Terrible Twos" phase. Only time will tell at this point.

Nyla is so grown with herself, she had figured out how to unlock my iPhone, now mind it only has one button and is all touch screen. So besides not knowing how to turn it on, which she watched me do briefly, I never showed her how to slide to the left that bottom bar to unlock it. That one she figured out on her own. She watch as her finger probably by mistake sled it a little and then she repeated till it went all the way. Once she did the first time, she got it lol.

In the picture above she think she is playing the Nintendo Wii at a friend’s house (batteries removed).

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