November 8, 2009

Ryan Leslie Transition Album

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Leslie for awhile now. It all started back when he had the site back then it was the hub for all of the inner working of his company Next Selection. I was first drawn to Ryan because I highly respected the way he used the internet to launch the career of Cassie and then himself. At the time no one engaged and interacted with their fan like this and I was impressed by it!

The internet use brought me in, but the music kept! When I first head Ryan’s music, no one was moving me. Rap was overrun by the Solija Boys of the world and was disgusting me. R&B was out there, but nothing moving. Ryan makes good music! From the production to the vocal, he was a breath of some unique. I’m big on production, tones, sounds, effects, and Ryan music was good in all of those areas.

Downloading is king right now, and yes I download music. I’m sorry but there wasn’t just enough good music out there, that I would spend my hard earned money to support them. The last album I brought was Joe Budden’s first one. But when Ryan came on the scene and his videos gave glimpses of his music, it got to the point when I was fiend for a album. I made the promise that he would be the first in a long time that I brought. When his first album dropped I brought it and it was good!

Now his second album “Transition”, and while it is different than the first it is equally good. I stand by my statement that Ryan Leslie makes good music! I support Ryan Leslie and I approve this message lol

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